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Stronger (Sara Evans) RCA Nashville
Sara Evans comes back in-style after 6 years since she released the last full project "Real Fine Place to Start." She includes on this current album the buzz tune "A Little Bit Stronger," as heard on the "Country Strong" soundtrack. Remakes are hard to record but Sara manages to deliver a very well done variation of the Rod Stewart song, "My Heart Can't Tell You No." Sara masters the art of choosing songs to match her vocal stylings beautifully without trying to be outside of her artistry's character. There's also the track "What That Drink Cost Me" giving a portrayal of a spouse's decision to walk away from a marriage due to alcoholism in a depiction only Sara can make so real. You feel every word she sings in every tune she has on this record. Our suggestion is to get your copy now at www.saraevans.com


Teenage Daughters (Martina McBride) Republic Nashville
Martina brings a unique style into her music by writing a very relatable tune for parents in the comical take on "Teenage Daughters". The sassy musical arrangement combines the likings of a Loretta Lynn 'tell it like it is' feeling while giving her usual superb vocals. Coming from a place that isn't a sugar-coated existence but still relating to the rebellion of the teenage spirit, Martina is successful in providing a well-rounded catchy tune while making a clever point in a song concept. More music from Martina will be heard later this year at www.martinamcbride.com


Mean (Taylor Swift) Big Machine Records
Taylor tones down the Pop Country style in the new single "Mean" from her current album by following the Bluegrass trend in the Country genre and bringing the acoustic instruments into the mix. Not without giving a stand, Taylor bluntly goes against her critics and calls them out in her lyrics; her melodic arrangement is a nice change for the the usual alto vocalist. A sense of maturity and musical tightness shines through as the singer starts to appeal to an older demographic.This song happens to be one of my favorites on the album and I would recommend it for those who want to hear a different style from the younger popular singer. www.taylorswift.com


Last Night Again Magnolia) Big Machine Records
Steel Magnolia buzzed into the New Year with their full project debut and a follow-up single off the album which shows off their very diverse style. The pillow talk song is slightly edgier and presents the true talent of Josh and Meghan's ability to vocalize a soulful harmony together. The song is one of their best yet both musically and lyrically; a favorite line of ours is "Your lips keep on movin', but I can't hear you...wish you were talking right over here." You can find more at www.steelmagnoliamusic.com


I’d Love To Be Your Last, Gretchen Wilson (Redneck Records)

The party anthem vocalist, Gretchen Wilson, is finally able to demonstrate a softer side in her new elegant single "I'd Love to Be Your Last." The music is befitting for this heart-felt tune because the melody fits perfectly with Gretchen's genuine delivery of the lyrics. You really can't go wrong adding a Cello into an acoustic musical accompaniment; the lyrics express wishful thoughts which match the string instrumental arrangement. Out of the many ballads other Country singers are releasing this year, this is definitely one of our top favorites. We say way to go Gretchen on the love anthem for 2011. www.gretchenwilson.com.

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