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Description: See these artists do their thing in interviews with the media & NCC...we have some of the best LOL moments.
Nancy Duncan 2015-09-03
Yes most of the country artists I really like, I know I have a signed photo from the great Alan Jackson
Debbie 2013-08-31
It's on my bucket list to visit Nashville and see all the celebrities I can
Norma Jean Fallon 2013-07-15
I am a big fan of you both
Bj 2011-05-21
Knowing Blake for "several" years I can't help but to laugh everytime I see him do anything. He'll have you laughin on your worst day and never once have you think about it when you're around him.
karenloveskeith 2011-01-26
I always love bloopers, I especially loved Keith Urbans segment. Love that he shows his sense of humor so often, Keith is the kind of man every woman wants in her life. At least this woman does, Nicole is a lucky lady and I am so happy for Keith and Nicole they seem to be so genuine and committed to each other and their daughters. Congratulations on the birth of their new baby girl Faith Margaret. God Bless.
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