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Description: Kellie Pickler & her husband Kyle Jacobs both received a Barrel of Jack Daniels whiskey this Christmas. Kellie's single "A Little Bit Gypsy" was co-written by her husband Kyle. Find more at www.kelliepickler.com
Ray 2013-12-19
What we all appreciate about The Pickler is that she is real! It is amazing that she actually owns her own name and identity. All the other top name "country acts" are products to be marketed by the corporate machines out of Nashville. The Pickler rejected that and that will make all the difference. Congrats fellow NC neighbor Pickler on your success and the ballsy career move to reject the machine. We all in the Charlotte region have your back and support you moving forward. As a fellow Tar Heel I do expect you to kick some ass and make us proud!
Libby Robertson 2013-12-18
I have a bottle of Jack that I have had for a long time. When I have a cold or sore throat I warm a little & put honey in it. It is a good for that.
Elaine MacDonald 2013-12-18
your great Kellie, you and your husband make an amazing couple, seen you in Rama, Ontario, and going to see you this coming summer in Fredericton, N. B.
Cat 2013-12-18
Jack Daniels is good, but Kelly your Great!Happy Holidays to all of you.
Catherine 2013-12-18
Jck Daniiels is Great,but Kelly your justAn Amazing wman and singras well..Happy Holidays to you all..
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