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Description: More to come on Scotty hosting the CMA Keep the Music Playing show.
Terri Smith 2013-03-22
Love how he still watches the director. He is such a great guy. Remember he is human and will not be perfect but God will see him through.
Mary Bromwell 2013-02-21
He is better than words con express
Earlene 2013-02-21
this is another thing too show what a sweet,wholesume guy Scotty is .Such a role model for our Children
donna 2013-02-20
classy and talented young man. how refreshing
Sharon Jiles 2013-02-20
So beautiful---Scotty has the most gorgeous voice in country music. He is so sincere and sweet---he was wonderful performing with those kids. And he is so amazingly talented---on his way to super stardom for sure!!!
Gail Drayton 2013-02-20
Scotty is a perfect role model for these young musicians. Love this.
Loretta Bigg 2013-02-20
Wow, that was great!
Loretta Bigg 2013-02-20
Wow, that was great!
DianaMnton 2013-02-20
So Cute I love thjs
kay 2013-02-20
awww what a beautiful performance by the little ones and Scotty. Great job and thanks for sharing with us
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