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Description: George Strait Music Video
Nancy Sloan 2013-05-01
I absolutely love this song .... my husband and I go to karaoke from time to time and this is the only song that I will sing and we sing it together. As my voice isnt the best in the best in the world but that is ok. now my husband has an awesome voice so he makes up for mine when we sing. lol...anyway love you george and I am so sorry to hear that you are not going to be touring anymore but there are other things such as family which I know you love very much that are as important if not more important.
Kay Nutt 2013-02-06
His voice commands romance!!1
Kay Nutt 2013-02-06
His voice commands romance!!
Denise 2013-01-23
this is Mine N my Husbands song to .. LOVE THE MOVIE PURE COUNTRY IS AWESOME !!!!! :)) the older he gets the better looking he gets ,if that is Possible
Melissa Fant 2013-01-17
This is me and my husbands song , he use to sing it to me when it came on the radio. He sings really good too. My husband passed away in June I'd love to hear him one more time.
Patty Baxter 2013-01-17
lovw me some george
Deborah Wilson 2013-01-17
i love this song this man and i have the movie Pure%A Country
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